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Mirror Framing in Kendall

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Marco’s Art Custom Framing has been providing customers in Kendall, Westchester, and Tamiami with mesmerizing mirror framing services for more than 20 years. Order yours today at the number below!

Reinvigorating your Mirrors

Marco’s Art Custom Framing’s personalized mirror frames can breathe new life into a tired mirror or transform your new one into a statement piece.

It’s a well-known interior decorating secret that wall-mounted mirrors give the illusion of extra space in a room, while also adding character and depth. Our custom frames can further help with the design by adding drama to the mirrors themselves.

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Mirror Framing Kendall

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Using Mirrors Around the Home

Strategically placed mirrors around the house is a clever and imaginative way to add personality to your space. Use Marco’s Art Custom Framing’s exquisite frames to turn your mirrors from simple reflective surfaces into breathtaking works of art.

How? Well, when you hang a small cluster of mirrors around entryways or in hallways, you’ll give the space a larger and airier feel. A mirror along a staircase can transform a simple flight of steps into something truly magical. You can replicate the same effect along any walls by placing mirrors at regular intervals.

Discuss your plans with our experts today and we’d be happy to give you advice.

Light as Art

Mirror Framing Westchester

It’s amazing what a simple frame can do!

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